The material flow control system plays a central role in the world of intra-logistic IT systems – it ensures optimum throughput at all times. To this end, it coordinates a conglomerate of different conveyor technologies, system elements and external systems. At the same time, the material flow control system needs to be stable and predictable in its behavior and consistently adaptable to new strategies, expanded systems and new ideas during runtime.

The RULS system is based on the architecture of the material flow computer TUP.MFC. It makes automated decisions on the basis of recorded parameters such as size and weight of the transport goods, available means of transport and the most efficient routes. Does the courier have a backpack or large load space at his disposal? If a backpack, what is its volume in liters? Can this courier handle several orders at once? There are many influencing factors. Countless data and the resulting options – a human is hardly able to optimally manage all this in realtime. This is where RULS comes in. RULS can manage it all, in the cloud and without complex implementation.

Once the order is processed, a courier is selected automatically, taking into account the courier’s transport capacity, current GPS position and the order priority list. RULS then calculates the optimum routing from all orders for each courier and coordinates possible route modifications and or orders added at a later stage on the basis of predefined zones, delivery points and hubs.

RULS can capture incoming orders in realtime, process and graphically display these orders and forward them to the two participants – the courier headquarters and the courier in possession of a mobile data recorder (MDR) or smartphone. The system provides different functionalities to the two roles, such as driver dialogue for order processing, a control panel with order and transport overview, specific status update function, as well various management options.

The great advantage is that there is no need to adapt a higher-level system as only the interfaces are the key components. RULS is simply docked, takes over control and optimizes existing resources in the process. What matters is to meet customer requirements rather than just finding the shortest and fastest route. When does the customer want to receive his order and under what conditions? RULS has the answers to these questions. And if the requirements differ from the routing provided by the IT system, the service provider can, at any time, manually intervene via the dashboard.

Dr. Thomas + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

We at DR. THOMAS + PARTNER have 35 years of experience with material flow processes in small areas. In intra-logistics, the management and the timely and precise routing of well over a million parcels per day is part of ordinary day-to-day business. This involves close coordination of various means of transport to deliver the goods at the right time and to the right place.

With RULS, we have now adapted this know-how to urban logistics. Using the RULS system, which is based on the established TUP.MFR standard, it is now possible for the first time to utilize the flexible software architecture of DR. THOMAS + PARTNER along with the best practice expertise from numerous intra-logistic projects and apply it to the new challenges in city logistics. Using this know-how, we are able to flexibly and quickly react to new and ever changing demands. The interaction with and integration of already existing systems also forms part of our day-to-day business within the sphere of intra-logistics and represents one of our core competencies.